European Pullup

European Pullup Briefcases by Greenburry - teacher and school bags for work.

With the European Pullup product series, Greenburry offers briefcases and teacher bags made of leather, which due to their conception and the well thought-out appearance are perfect for the office and especially for the everyday teacher life. The teacher bags of the series differ in particular by their size, the color, the number of compartments and the surface quality. The product range includes both very smooth, shiny leather on one side and roughened leather with a used look on the other. An advantage that unites all bags is the generous amount of space. A spacious main compartment, in which even A4 files can be easily accommodated, front pockets, zip compartments and smaller pockets in the interior, pen holder and cell phone compartment, complement the possible uses. Magnetic closures ensure a secure closure with the European Pullup Bags. The adjustable shoulder straps are practical and well thought out, which is why the products in the European Pullup series are suitable for large and small people. The overall visual impression is underlined by the embossed logo.