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Writing folders: Practical for working life and studying.

Greenburry writing folders do valuable work both at work and at university. In addition to a writing pad, you can store important utensils such as ballpoint pens, business cards and your smartphone in these organizational folders and carry them compactly with you. At the same time, the Greenburry conference folders impress with their high-quality natural leather and chic designs. Study the product selection so that you can decide on the individually fitting organ portfolio. The folders differ, for example, in size. You can deposit a block in A5 format in small conference folders. In the larger folders you will receive a pad and all documents in A4 format. The exact conception of the portfolios is also of interest. Some organ folders, for example, have a useful 4-ring technique, which enables the filing of individual documents. An extra compartment for a tablet can also be helpful. If you want to carry the folder as flexibly as possible, you should choose a product with a handle. Then you can clamp the folder under your arm or transport it on the handle as required.

A modern document folder convinces with many functions and subjects, so that it is the only utensil that is sufficient for everyday life at university and at work. The current Greenburry conference folders are also the perfect choice for business trips because they take up little space in the briefcase. These folders from Greenburry offer plenty of space for cell phones, pens, paper and also for tablets, so that everything is at hand with a single ring binder.

Exclusive leather folders for men and women

A leather writing case is available in many styles. The natural leather folders made of cowhide are particularly popular, as are those in the trendy vintage style. As the natural material darkens over time, the Greenburry conference folders become individual objects that reveal something about the personality of their owners. These folders are an expression of a very special lifestyle. But the simple A4 document folder is also very practical in everyday life. The reinforced metal rings ensure that paper and tablet inserts are securely held. The inserts and paper are quickly removed with a handle and the work can also be continued next to the ring binder. A folder is not only a good choice for professional work but also in private life. All important documents are kept safe and clean in the folder. A zipper rounds off the comfort of the Greenburry conference folders.

Portrait folders by Greenburry

A document folder is usually worked in portrait format, since the A4 papers are all printed in this format. Women and men can choose between narrow and wide folders. In addition to the classic ring binder folder with zipper, the document folder with snap fastener is also available. Many of the wide leather models have a comfortable handle that can be used as needed. Therefore, these folders with their numerous functions are the ideal replacement for the heavy briefcase for many business people.