Women's wallets

Fashionable design and first-class quality: The Greenburry women's wallets.

The leather wallets from Greenburry score with their stylish look, functional design and high quality workmanship. In the wide range you can find a. practical long wallets, tie bars or zipper wallets. All wallets are characterized by their spacious equipment, they are clearly divided into numerous card compartments, viewing window compartments, pocket compartments, note and change compartments. They are therefore reliable companions in all situations - whether in everyday working life, on a shopping spree or on vacation. The ladies' wallets are made of natural, sanded cowhide or washed and waxed cowhide. Many models are available in different colors, e.g. B. in natural shades of brown and classic black, but also in fashion colors such as taupe, lime or rusty orange.


The wallet is a classic utensil that shouldn't be missing in any women's handbag. Therefore, the selection of beautiful greenburry women's exchanges is very large. From small wallets to large wallets, women at Greenburry will find numerous exclusive models made from the finest leather. The natural material darkens over time. Therefore, ladies are happy about their individual wallet, which is unique in the world. With the right care, the beautiful Greenburry women's wallets will remain soft, supple and chic for many years.

Wallet - portrait and landscape

The traditional wallet has room for small change and bills. But in these modern days, countless cards have to be stowed in the wallet. Ladies have credit cards, ID cards and tickets, all of which are made in standard format. All modern wallets therefore usually offer several slots for the cards. Every now and then, viewing windows are incorporated into the soft leather of the Greenburry models, so that the ID cards can be easily shown. A wallet is an all-rounder of everyday life that should not only be chic but also functional. All Greenburry women's exchanges offer numerous functionalities that women can rely on in everyday life. Many people even have more than one wallet from Greenburry because they need money and cards as well as ID cards at work and a small purse is sufficient in the disco.

Variety of colors in the handbag

The beautiful wallets from Greenburry are available in many attractive colors. They are made from brightly colored leather and the models made from natural cowhide also delight as a complement in the fashionable handbag, evening bag and shopper. For many people, the stock exchange is a very personal utensil that accompanies them throughout life. Secret compartments and security compartments offer unique convenience. The most popular models are always made of genuine leather because they convince with an exclusive, elegant look