Waiter's wallets

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Greenburry waiter wallets made of leather: robust, practical and chic.

Waiters need a high-quality waiter's wallet that enables them to quickly handle revenue and change. It also has to withstand heavy use. The quality waiter exchanges from Greenburry guarantee both. They are made of hard-wearing natural leather, and they remain functional for a long time even when used intensively. The exchanges are also characterized by numerous compartments for small change and notes. This allows waiters to sort the money clearly, which makes work much easier. A waiter bag that is also of high quality is recommended for a waiter's exchange. In these waiter pockets, waiters can safely and conveniently store their waiter wallet as well as a pad and ballpoint pen. Waiter exchanges and waiter bags from Greenburry have in common that they also look good. The accessories impress with natural looking leather and innovative designs. Depending on your taste, you can buy the wallets and bags in strong black, in a friendly, light color or in a solid vintage look. By the way: the waiter bags and wallets are not only suitable for the catering trade. They provide valuable services to all employees who pay on the go.