Shoulder bag

Shoulder bags from Greenburry: Ideal for leisure, work and university.

The attractive assortment of Greenburry challenges you with a wide range of products and leather shoulder bags, which with their own, clear triggers, the noble materials and the trendy design can be used in your free time, but also in everyday work. For men, z. B. Shoulder bags, student bags and messenger in different sizes to choose from. The large student bags must serve with their own main subjects, notebooks and the contracts, front pockets and organizers as well as companions on the trip, at university and at work. For women, the small shoulder bags and messengers can be received, which with their stylish look are perfect for strolling through the city. All models are tried with comfortable, personal adjustable shoulder straps. Many bags in the range relate to natural, polished cowhide leather or natural buffalo fat leather in the colors antique brown and cognac brown.