On this page you will find some service videos for our products around the Greenburry and Billy the Kid brands. We will show you how you can carry out small repairs or the replacement of spare parts yourself.

If you are unsure of the application or need spare parts for our Greenburry products, please contact our service, we will help you like to continue.


Repair zipper: no longer closes properly, opens and opens again.

In this video we show how a zipper that opens again can be corrected. The zipper must be free of dirt and damage, a damaged zipper tape or broken carrier can no longer be corrected and the zipper or the carrier must be replaced completely. The reason why the zipper opens again is the carrier "sledge", which can stretch slightly over time by pulling the zipper, so the teeth of the zipper can no longer be brought together correctly. In order to correct this, the carrier has to be gently pressed together laterally (ATTENTION: never press directly on the upper bracket of the carrier, this usually breaks off and a new carrier has to be pulled in!).

Exchange magnetic button on leather case

In this video we show how a magnetic button (lower part) on a leather bag is exchanged or used. It is important to ensure that the button is correctly fitted again together with the metal plate behind it so that the leather does not tear.