Personal organizer

Trendy diary from Greenburry in unique VINTAGE leather

A modern planner helps to plan life. In both professional and private life, there are a lot of dates and appointments that have space in the beautiful leather diary. The practical appointments from Greenburry are at your fingertips. They are always a visual highlight. Thanks to the large selection of calendars with leather covers, men and women will find the right calendar for their luggage and bags. The high-quality leather with sturdy seams offers a long service life and can therefore always be filled with new paper calendars. For each year there are new fillings as well as the associated address and note section. In many families, an appointment planner also organizes the children and their appointments in school and leisure. Therefore, parents with a high-quality Greenburry calendar in the leather envelope always keep an overview of all important events in life.


Greenburry diary made of leather - stylish unique pieces in a VINTAGE look

Organizers have to perform very specific tasks. You are sure to make special demands of these organizers. They should help you plan your appointments and keep an eye on them. A diary accompanies you every day all year round. Therefore, it should look particularly good and still be able to withstand a lot.


Good quality is a matter of course

A planner has to be able to go through a lot because he is picked up and opened every day. It is important that it is made of good material. The Greenburry diaries for women and men are made of leather, strictly speaking of cowhide in a beautiful antique brown. The leather flatters your hands and also looks very classy. The processing is of very good quality. All organizers can be securely closed with a zipper or snap button flap.


A diverse inner life

The organizers adapt to your needs. First of all there are of course the system and calendar inserts that can be exchanged in the following years. They are standard. There is also a writing pad and pen, or pen loop, many pockets and card slots, sometimes a window pocket and fold pockets with plenty of space. There are registers, address lists, annual plans and, particularly important if you have school-age children, holiday plans. The diaries are also available in different sizes.


A reliable companion for years

Appointments from Greenburry for women and men can be companions for many years, they are so robust. Appointments Notes, addresses and telephone numbers can be well sorted. Nothing can get lost. The good ring mechanism allows easy turning of the pages so that important things are quickly at hand. The leather organizer is an indispensable reminder. The vintage style is very well received. This "used look" inspires men and women with style. This makes these organizers suitable as a tasty gift.