Gift for free

As part of time-limited promotions, we offer free gifts on your purchase.
When the promotions is active, information will be displayed in the article or in the shopping cart.
These can then be ordered from a certain order value.

- You choose your desired article
- add it to the shopping cart
- then go to the shopping cart
- Free gifts available will now be shown in the shopping cart at the bottom of your order value
- select the desired gift
- scroll further down
- then click on the second button below "Add to Cart"
- Now you see your main article and the free article (if there is no free article displayed, you have not correctly added it to the shopping cart)
- then click on "continue to order" and then follow the instructions

Please note: the free gift is valid for the order value without shipping costs and after return, if one or more items are sent back from an order in the course of a revocation and the value falls below the order value for the free gift, this becomes payable. The settlement takes place with the refund or you simply send it back.