Fanny packs & waist packs

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Transport your belongings safely and comfortably: Greenburry belt bags.

Keys, cards, cigarettes, the cell phone, a pocket knife: some people stow these and other utensils in their pants and jacket pockets, it is not practical. Bum bags made of leather prove to be much better. At Greenburry you choose from several high-quality products, all of which are characterized by great advantages. So you can stow smaller items in the leather belt pockets, you can easily take out what you need. You also avoid the risk of losing important items such as keys. They often fall out of clothing bags unnoticed, with belly bags you significantly reduce this risk. Zippered pockets can be securely closed and only need to be opened when necessary. In addition, you gain comfort with fanny packs. Tightly filled pants or jacket pockets are annoying, but swapping belly bags casually tied them around. Greenburry leather belt bags also impress as fashionable accessories. All models are made of attractive natural leather and convince with innovative designs. At the same time, the fanny packs are appealing because of their durability, which users owe to the durable leather, stable materials for zippers etc., and the clean workmanship.

High-quality processed belly and belt bags from Greenburry

All chic models from Greenburry are made from the finest leather. These leather bags are available in many different colors. The bags that can be attached to the belt and are designed in a refined vintage style are particularly popular. The special used look ensures an individual look. Over the years, the leather of the belt bag and fanny pack darkens. Many models have loops that can be attached to the belt. The belly bags, on the other hand, are closed with a strap in the back so that they can also be comfortably carried on the side of the body.

Many sizes - maximum comfort

The Greenburry belly and belt bags are available in many different sizes and formats. The smallest models made of leather are suitable for storing smartphones. Larger bags can replace a handbag so that your hands are free at all times. In addition, a belt pouch offers sufficient security against unauthorized access. A bum bag is the right choice, especially in the crowds of train stations, on fairgrounds and in markets.

Versatility of the small bags from Greenburry

Many models can also be used as a photo bag. The camera is stylishly hidden in the pocket. With one of these bags, an elegant appearance can also be achieved in jeans. Belt and belly bags can also be functionally combined on vacation.