Briefcases, conference folders or diaries in leather quality - has the best selection!

High-quality, durable equipment for work makes the business a little easier every day - With every grip in the documents, feeling high-quality, fragrant leather and reliable durability gives a feeling of confident seriousness. At Greenburry you will find high quality briefcases in a timeless buckle design for teachers, managers or editors, noble conference folders with careful compartment equipment and ring binder eyelets for clear filing of documents or elegant diary for a well organized everyday work. All models are made of durable, robust cowhide and therefore promise the best quality and durability for reliable support throughout your working life. The design of all folders and bags always hits the mark due to its classic timelessness, such as the Greenburry Buffalo teacher and mailbag in brown or red or the straightforward A4 writing and organizer in saddle brown. With robust, pure-bred transportation equipment, invest in high-quality equipment for a satisfying, fulfilling working life.